For our English members

For daily business you must first contact one of the undermentioned agencies / authorities / resources.

Announcements, questions, recommendations and remarks directed to the Board can be adresssed by letter,e-mail or by telephone.

Newomij VVE Beheer
For questions regarding administration, insurance, etc. please contact
Mr. Gijs Pappot and/or Mr. Sven I. Molenaar, 088 639 66 45

Technical Support
For repair requests, please contact BICARO

(responsible for bocked pipes & drains, electrical problems in the public spaces, broken windows in public and separated private spaces, defective door opener and intercom installation, roof, rain outlet, facades, entrances and staircases)
- on working days: from 08:00 till 17:00, 06 - 50 480 770
- in writing: BICARO, Westkanaalweg 14, 2461 ED Ter Aar

For urgent repairs after working-hours you can also use the above number and/or contact the Board. They have got a special telephone number for this.

VvE Markenhoven Hof 2 has an All-inn contract for bocked pipes & drains with AORC.
If there is a stopped up drain you may call directly to AORC via number 020 – 631 13 31. Or you may report the incident to BICARO via 085 - 401 49 82 and/or 06 -50 480 770. Preferably you call AORC yourself as then there can be made an appointment directly with the resident.

In case of burglary/vandalism we strongly advise you to inform Bank voor de Bouwnijverheid as well as BICARO. At the same time please report it yourself at the police.

Lamp out of order
Since May 25th, 2010 (ALV) the replacement of broken lamps in the public spaces is under direct management. Now you can report it by sending a mail to, and then we will replace the lamp(s) as soon as possible.

Keys common entrances
Your Board has the certificate of the keyplan of our building. In case you need extra (Necoloc) keys of your common entrance you can order them by sending a mail to stating your name, address, keynumber and how many you need. The costs are 50,= per key (cash).

Problems with the elevator(s)
Skylift (24/7) 0342-425505
Please call this number in case of problems with the elevator.

Cityheating-unit failure

Vattenfall, 0800 – 0513
Some activities which should be done by the resident/owner can also be done by BICARO on expense of the resident/owner. For this extra service you’ll pay directly to BICARO.

There used to be an agreement with a window-cleaner (Wash & Go,. Fred Hendrikstraat 193, 1052 HH Amsterdam) however this is, for a while now, up to the owner. It is best to check yourself with your neighbors and / or a window-cleaner that you see working in the area.

New name-plates for the doors or in case of the bell-plateaus you can order them free of charge (the VvE will pay for it) at

Garbage collection
Please put your garbage only Mondays and Thursdays (after 06:00 am) at the sidewalk of the Rapenburgerstraat. In case of rough garbage: please first contact (preferably a day before) 020-551 95 55 or via the digital form.
If you put it on a different day at the sidewalk, you'll risk a fine of €60,= !

Common Municipal info; 020-6241111

Your 'buurtregisseur' helps by giving extra attention to possible nuisance of alcohol- and drug addicts whom, more than in the past, hang out in de common spaces of the Plantagebuurt. His duty as a 'buurtregisseur' is to notice early problems and/or changes. In cooperation with the inhabitants and netwerkpartners it seems to work and stays the neighbourhood livable. Especially as it concerns a direct approach of change of plans in this area. You can reach your 'buurtregisseur' via this link.

* Administrative affairs 020-563 29 00 (o.a. loss or damage of your codecard)
* Technical failures 020-563 29 90
* Complains about servicing 020-563 29 11
Above mentioned telephone-numbers are reachable on working days between 08:00 and 16:00.

Cleaning common spaces
The common spaces will be cleaned on regular basis by ‘Marcella, de Schoonmaakspecialist’ (for a time-table see Documenten). If you have complains or questions about this than you can contact mr. Jan van Hest  (Valkenburgerstraat 165) or one of the Board-members.
NB: It is absolutely not done that you will put goods or garbage in the common spaces (see ‘Splitsingsakte’ and ‘Huishoudelijk Reglement’).